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We are a well known service company that has been in business for about 20 years. We have been repairing and redyeing customer’s furniture/items for some time now. We can repair items from your favorite expensive leather luggage, home furniture to your auto interior. With the amount of experience and with the customer service that we can provide for you, we can’t see why you would go anywhere else. Our Qualified and licensed technicians will come to your location and repair/redye any type of furniture or items that are leather.
Our Techs come to your location and come prepared with the tools needed to complete this task assigned to them. They make sure that when they are done you are satisfied and happy with the finishing product. We guarantee our work and we do guarantee that you will be happy with the work that we can provide for you. Leather over time can become worn and can begin to fade. Dyeing the leather can help bring some life into it, refreshing the look of the furniture/item being repaired. Let’s say you got ink or stain damage to your leather. We can clean this and redye the area so that it is no longer visible. This technique should only be trusted with the best skilled and trained specialist with the experience.
Our company can supply that for you, leaving you in great hands! Worry-free! Our company can not only supply you with this great procedure of dyeing leather but we can also repair the leather. Damages such as stains, ink, cracking, tears, scuffs, nicks, animal damage, open seams, discoloration, etc are damages that we can repair for you. We are the area’s most trusted and highly rated furniture service. You can call us with your information to set up an appointment with you or fill out of INQUIRY form with all your information and if you would like you can attach photos of the damaged photos also. We will call you once we have received your information request.

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